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What is a disposable vape?

A fully sealed, pre-filled disposable vape consists of a tiny lithium-ion battery, a juice reservoir, and a heating element housed in a tiny, transportable body. No need to deal with the inconvenience of charging, changing coils, or filling tanks. Any vape user, regardless of expertise level, can choose this model of vaporizer. Open the container, take out any extra wrapping, and start puffing! The average lifespan of disposable cigarettes is 500 puffs, although it can reach 2500 puffs (for BC customers the largest disposable device available contains a 2ml e-juice capacity, equal to roughly 500 puffs). Some advice from our staff will be included later in this post. Continue reading to learn what they had to say. Let’s start talking about 5 best disposable vapes in Canada for 2024.

#1 GCORE Canada

GCORE Canada came in FIRST place this year! Late last year, GCORE Disposables introduced the Model X to the market, and since then, both our customers and staff have grown to love them. The GCORE Model X comes with 15 different flavour options and all the standard features a disposable vape should have. smooth airflow, mouthwatering flavours that are all their own, and a surprisingly high puff count of almost 1000 per 2mL device! (Excellent for our BC Clients!)

Fruit Flavor Most Popular: Apple Mango


Available in 20mg/mL
GCORE Vape Disposable
Approx. 1800 Puffs
Slim, Compact Design
E-liquid Capacity: 6.2mL
Battery Capacity: 1050mAh

#2 Allo Disposable Vapes

For the second year running, Allo Disposables has topped our list. As their variety of tasty flavors and compatible devices expands, Allo remains a fan favourite. If you choose Allo, you know you’ll always get reliable hardware. If you don’t, though, you can rest easy knowing that EVERY gadget sold by Allo Vapor is covered by an excellent customer warranty.

To help you get your HIT back, Allo Vapor provides a unique hybrid nicotine recipe, combining the benefits of salt-nicotine with freebase-nicotine, in four different sizes over four different sizes of disposable vapes.

Features & Benefits

  • Incredible flavor
  • Ease of use
  • Long lasting
  • Peace of Mind

#3 Envi Vape

When compared to other disposable vaporizers available in Canada, Envi Vape consistently provides the greatest flavour. You don’t need to look any farther if you’re only looking for a one-time use gadget that will provide you with a constant supply of delicious, sugary, berry-filled flavour. Since their first throwaway, the Envi Core, the Envi Vape brand has improved greatly. In addition to the BC-compliant Envi Nano, which can hold up to 800 puffs, there is also the Envi Apex, which can hold up to 2500 puffs on average. You can discover something that will please your palate and fulfil your hunger with the around 30 flavours already on the market (and more being produced every few months).

The most well-liked flavour combination is mango, peach, and watermelon.

#4 Allo Sync

With the Allo Sync, Allo Vapor has once again dominated the market for closed pod systems. The Allo Sync has a 450mAh battery, an LED charge level indicator, and USB Type-C rapid charging to guarantee you never have to worry about running out of juice, and it comes in some of the most popular flavours from their disposable line up. Also, the STLTH Vape Replacement Pods are entirely compatible with the Allo Sync, so you may choose from them if the more than 35 flavours offered by Allo Vapor aren’t enough. All all, you may pick from more than 110 different flavours.
When it comes to making the Allo Sync device your one and only, Allo has really covered all the bases.

Popular Flavor: Spearmint

At this time, the highest nicotine concentrations offered for use with the Allo Sync Replacement Pods are 20mg/mL salt nicotine and 20mg/mL HIT nicotine.

#5 VUSE GO – Disposable Vape

100% Authentic VUSE GO. With the VUSE GO, you can forget about your troubles forever. The newest throwaway from VUSE is compact, lightweight, and very practical. There are no battery checks, tank refills, or coil replacements required. Each VUSE GO is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery and comes pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid, enough for about 500 puffs. Get your fill of 9 delicious flavours. We provide a nicotine strength of 20mg.

Flavors Includes

  • Berry Blend:
  • Blueberry Ice:
  • Creamy Tobacco:
  • Grape Ice:
  • Mango Ice:
  • Strawberry Ice:
  • Watermelon Ice:

Comes in: 1X – VUSE GO Disposable Vape (2ml)

Why Consider Disposable Vapes?

If you’re constantly on the go, purchasing disposable vape pens is a terrific method to ensure you never find yourself without a vape pen. They can be used practically anyplace, are cheaper, and offer more convenience. If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of charging your battery or cleaning the tank on your vape mod, a disposable vape pen is a great option. Vaping on the fly has never been easier than with disposable vape pens.

Disposables are favoured by some vapours because they are more portable and cost less than standard vape pens. Similarly, disposable vaporizers are ideal for novice users because they don’t need charging or refill. Where can I find a disposable vape pen? In case you’re looking for a disposable vape pen, Dragon Vape has a growing inventory. You can get your hands on Elf Bars, Allo, and Envi and more at this shop!

Questions about vapes in Canada

What is a disposable vape?

Some people who wish to quit cigarettes use disposable vape pens to get their nicotine fix. To simulate the experience of smoking, the device’s vaporizer is styled to seem like a cigarette and, when inhaled, converts the liquid within into smoke.

Why use a disposable vape?

Disposables are favoured by some vapours because they are more portable and cost less than standard vape pens. Similarly, disposable vaporizers are ideal for novice users because they don’t need charging or refill.

What is the typical lifespan of a single-use electronic cigarette?

The amount of e-liquid in a disposable vape pen often determines how long it will last. Puff count on the disposable generally corresponds to that millilitre of e-liquid or vape juice. The frequency with which you use a disposable vape pen will also affect its lifespan. If you take 350–500 hits per day, a 2500–puff disposable vape pen should last you five to seven days.

How do you charge a disposable vape pen?

If your disposable vaporizer can be recharged, you have a few options. If you’re on the road and don’t have access to a power outlet, the Micro USB cord is your best bet; however, charging it through your PC or laptop will take a bit longer. If you can find a wall outlet close to where you plan on using your gadget, that’s wonderful.

Is it possible to bring a disposable e-cigarette onto a plane?

Current aviation regulations prohibit the use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, on all flights. For this reason, disposable vape pens should be packed in a passenger’s carry-on only. Most airlines forbid carrying disposable vapes on board due to the lithium batteries they utilise. Before booking a flight, always double-check with the airline on the policy on disposable vape pens.

Canadian Vape Regulations


Note: Must follow the regulations defined by the Canadian Government for Vapes.

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